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Lorgar expands its product portfolio with gaming chairs

Gegužė 25, 2023

Lorgar expands its product portfolio with gaming chairs

Lorgar expands its product portfolio with gaming chairs for best user experience and lumbar well-being during long gaming sessions

 Lorgar, a high-quality gaming gadget brand, announces the launch of its newest product category - gaming chairs - which includes 4 different models with unique features. All models are made from wear-resistant materials, equipped with Class 4 gas lift, with metal frame - thickness 1.8mm, and large silent casters. The gaming chairs are designed for users weighing up to 150 kg.

The brand has exceeded expectations with a focus on producing high-quality and user-friendly furniture for customer’s comfort and well-being during long gaming sessions, watching video content or streaming. These cutting-edge gaming chairs boast a range of advanced capabilities and premium materials.

Base 311 is made from top-of-the-line eco leather materials, offering a luxurious look and feel. The coating is pleasant to touch, easy to clean and robust! Special heavy-duty stitching adds durability. This chair comes with a headrest and lumbar support pillows.

Ace 422 is produced for gamers who value comfort, simplicity and durability. The chair's special anti-stain fabric is both comfortable and practical, ensuring that the model stays looking great for years to come. This gaming chair also comes with headrest and lumbar support pillows, providing the ultimate in comfort and support for the human body.

Embrace 533 gaming chair with a removable headrest pillow and an innovative flexible lumbar system is intended for gamers who expect the greatest combination of functionality and ease of use. The adjustable and flexible lumbar support moves with your body, ensuring that your back is always in the correct position. This model is made of high-quality foam and is covered in a soft, durable, and easy-to-clean high-quality PU eco-leather.

Grace 855 offers advanced features and enhanced comfort to gamers of all levels. This model is created with the latest technology and features that make it a game-changer in the industry. The chair's breathable mesh material is perfect for gamers who require ventilation and comfort during long gaming sessions.

BIFMA-certified aluminium frame is sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. The frame is designed to withstand the rigors of gaming and is built to last. This gaming chair also features an adjustable lumbar and headrest support system, providing gamers with maximum comfort and support during long gaming sessions.

This gaming chairs range represents the pinnacle of relaxation, quality, and reliability. Gamers among all skillsets will enjoy this chair's advanced features, which will enhance their gaming experience and assist them in achieving sick results without extra body effort.

All models are available for purchase at select retailers and online. To read more about this innovative gaming chair, visit the Lorgar website: lorgar.eu

  About Lorgar  

Lorgar is an international brand of gaming devices aimed to bring the gaming experience to the next high level. The brand’s mission is to provide every gamer feel living and exciting emotions from gaming with high-quality devices, inspired by the requests of the best gamers.

Lorgar successfully entered the market in 2022. The product portfolio includes mice, headsets, webcams, gamepads, mouse pads, keyboards, gaming chairs, and other peripherals.

The Lorgar brand is owned by ASBISc Enterprises Plc., one of the leading IT product distributors in the EMEA markets.



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